OPA OPA (Balkan Invasions) was born in 2011 when the poet / performer Jonida Prifti (Albania) meets the musician / composer Iva Stanisic (Serbia). Initially they make musical selections of their countries of origin, from traditional songs to more recent ones, with a variation of pop, dance, hip hop, turbo folk, tallava etc. They have both individual projects, Jonida with Acchiappashpirt (sound poetry), Iva with Yva & The Toy George (electronic, pop). Jonida and Iva, artists and musicians, passing through the 360 degrees and back, attend the most inconsiderate Roman environments and begin to design their musical project based on electro punk bases, a splash of techno, turbo folk post Tito, Slavic new wave, a couple of ounces of synth pop, and abundant stocks of raki/rakija, a typical distillate from the Balkan countries.

In 2015, they decide to produce their own songs inspired by the sounds of their countries and begin to perform live under the name of OPA OPA. They took part in different festivals or musical events such as: “Kiss & Go” (Swiss Institute), “Villa Ada Incontra il Mondo”, “Santarcangelo Fest”, “Ex Dogana” “Short Theater”, “Giardini Luzzati”, “Ostia Palusa”, “Gender Party”, “Fanfulla”, “30 Formiche” etc. They were interviewed by “Vice Italia – Noisey”, “Vice Serbia – Turbotronik”, “Post Pravda” (Dublin), “Termini TV”, (Rome), “Top Channel” (Tirana), for the Albanian paper magazine “Mapo Madame” ect.
Iva and Jonida arrived in Italy respectively in 1993 and 2001 because of the historical events in their countries (civil war in Yugoslavia and Albania). The meaning of the project is to play with the ambiguities and misunderstandings that are historically and culturally present between the two countries of origin. At the same time they try to point out the similarities in art and customs. They try to ironize with the immigrant status and the impact with Italian culture. The raves of Opa Opa, shot in the face and scattered around the dance floor, deals with the clichés surrounding the girls who come from Eastern Europe, shaken at Einstein’s speed so as not to reflect too much and continue with rakija or raki.

In 2016 they released their first song and videoclip “Buongiorno Italia” registered and produced by Manuel Cascone and supported by the Roman label “Filibusta Records” which made it possible to spread it on all the musical portals. The song ironizes with the status of the immigrant of Balkan origin in Italy and with the clichés to which he is often associated. The videoclip was realized by pierluca zanda and opa opa. In November 2018 they released the debut album “Buongiorno Italia” (Filibusta Records – Nutone Studio, Kent Industries studio) which is online on all digital store like Itunes, Spotify, TimMusic, Deezer ect.

In December 2018 they realized their video clip “Kultural Impakt” (Filibusta Records) which was published on “Soundwall” magazine with a review of Damir Ivic.
“Kultural Impakt” deals with the impact with a new reality, where it is sometimes difficult to understand each other due to linguistic, cultural and social differences. The main idea of the video is to represent people of different nationalities living in Italy.
“Buongiorno Italia” and “Kultural Impakt” are also supported by the Serbian record company “Mascom Records” which has included them in the compilation “Turbotronik”, a documentary film by Stefan spasic in which Opa Opa also took part of. They are also present in the documentary “Linfa” by Carlotta Cerquetti, which was presented at the Rome Film Festival 2018. The film deals with the Eastern Roman female underground scene. Their song “vandal” is the official soundtrack of the movie “Normal” directed by Adele Tulli that was selected and will be screened at “Berlinale international festival” at the “panorama” section in berlin on 11 february 2019.

Short description of the album “Buongiorno italia”
“Buongiorno Italia” is an electronic music album featuring different musical genres ranging from electro pop, techno, dark wave, hip hop, dub and Balkan folk sounds. The main themes of the album are the status of the immigrant, the disorientation due to the clash with a new reality, the perception of those who host them and the condition of women in a hostile society.

(Filibusta Records)

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Review by Damir Ivic on “soundwall” magazine

Opa Opa: il “Kultural Impakt” di Roma tra Serbia ed Albania

Interview for Noisey Vice Italia
Interview for the albanian magazine Mapo Madame
Interview for Termini TV
Interview for Post Pravda Magazine
Interview for Tiranatimes
Interview for Noisey Vice Italia
Interview for the Albanian paper magazine “Madame Mapo”
Videoclip – Buongiorno Italia (Mascom Records / Filibusta Records)

Videoclip – kultural impakt (Mascom Records / Filibusta Records)

videoclip – opla (Filibusta records)

Single – Kultural Impakt (Mascom Records / Filibusta Records)

Single – Buongiorno Italia (Mascom Records / Filibusta Records)

Interview for the national Albanian television Top Channel – “Wake Up” – 2015 (min.19.32)

Interview for the national Albanian television Top Channel – “Wake Up” (min. 1.30)

Interview for the national Albanian television Top Channel – “Wake Up” (min. 1.30)