J A is a sonic poetry duo formed by electronic artist Andrea Noce (Eva Geist) and poet Jonida Prifti (Acchiappashpirt). Through obscure layers of stasis and glimpses of madness, J A sings declaiming in honor of abstraction and subconscious. “Orga” is a short collection of electronic sonnets inspired by Jonida’s verses and developed around lazy and sensual sonic repetitions. “Orga” is an uninhibited tribute to the charmer power of female voice.

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J A è un duo di poesia sonora che nutro (dal 2010) con la musicista Andrea Noce (Eva Geist, Vera Mona, Agency Amore, Le Rose).
Attraverso strati oscuri di inerzia e scorci di pazzia, J A canta l’astrazione e il subconscio.

J A is a collaboration between the author and the musician Andrea Noce (Eva Geist, Vera Mona, Agency Amore, Le Rose), a sound poetry project formed in 2010. Through obscure layers of inertia and glimpses of craziness, J A sings of abstraction and subconsciousness.